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Price List.

Transfer of 78 to CD (both sides) - £8.50 per record (minimum order of £18-00) 

Transfer of LP to CD (both sides) - £18 per record

Transfer of 45rpm single to CD (both sides) £5 per record (min order £18-00)

Transfer of cassette to CD - £18.50 per cassette (If 2 CDs needed add £5. A C120 would classify as 2 tapes.

Less than 30 minute tape - £14-00

Micro / Mini cassette - £18-50 unless under 10 minutes

Transfer of Reel to Reel to CD - £22 per hour of material (or part thereof)

less than 30 minutes of audio - £16-00

£20 per minidisc - 72 minutes or less (if only a few minutes then we discount)

The basic price includes the following:

We only use Taiyo Yuden CDs which are tested to be best quality available. High Quality CD jewel case. Front and rear cover with title and track list. ON-CD printing (not sticky labels). Cleaning of the media (if appropriate). Noise removal - hiss, clicks and pops. Track Splitting - if an LP has 10 tracks so will the CD!

Please note you will also need to add postage which is normally quoted on a case by case basis but average is currently £5-00 for an LP or cassette.

78s cassette LP reel to reel

CD cover design service

We also offer a bespoke CD cover design option - if you have a photograph or something similar you'd like to use as the front and/or rear cover then we can help by creating a professional full colour cover and even print it onto the CD itself! Generally this is an extra 1 off fee of £12-00 with multiple copies avaiable - copyright permitting.

Please CALL 07722 050539 or e-mail mail@audioreunited.co.uk for more information.