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music transfer
Transfer of 78 to CD & MP3

Basic pricing £8.50 per disc (both sides)

If you think you have a 78 record, the most obvious clue is that on the label - if it's survived - will be '78 rpm', almost always with commercially produced records.

However, personal recordings were often made in 'recording booths' where the music/speech was cut directly into the record and, in my experience, the helpful '78' bit is often missing.

There are several sizes, 7", 10" & 12" and all at more or less 78 rpm, although this did vary.  Commercial 78s are normally made from shellac, an early plastic, and are quite heavy and brittle. The recording booth versions were made from thin metal coated in black plastic and are much lighter and the edges are shiny where the metal can be seen.

Every transfer includes deep (wet) clean/click & pop removal/CD case/cover with text & on-CD printing. All tracks split as you would find on the original version. 

78s cassette LP reel to reel

CALL 07722 050539 or e-mail mail@audioreunited.co.uk for more information.

Typical Testimonial:

Hi Jonathan.
  I have just recieved the CD with my fathers tracks on it...... I'm amazed at the reproduction. ! Did I say amazed...... I meant astounded. ! They sound so so clear as you've managed to get rid of many of the crackles while still managing to keep the authentic 'record' sound.