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Do you have any old 78s, demo tapes from when you were due to be the next big thing or LPs that just aren’t the same on CD?  Do you never listen to some of your favourite music for fear of damaging your treasured original?

At Audio Reunited I understand the importance and value of record and tape collections because I got into the business originally to save some of my father's records.  I also understand the frustration of having the music you love in a format that you are unable to play.  I can remaster these recordings and bring them back to life whilst keeping the feel and warmth of the original.

I will transfer your recordings to CD or MP3 format so that you can play them again and again and keep the original safe.  Using sophisticated software for the Mac I will transfer your precious audio recordings from LP, 78, reel to reel, cassette, minidisc and DAT to the digital domain through high quality playback equipment (Revox, TEAC Denon & Technics), I can remove the crackle, pop, hum and any other unpleasant artifact from the recording if required.

You can hear the amazing improvements that can be made by listening to this sample from a shellac 78 record by The Teddy Wilson Orchestra called Blues in C# Minor. The first half of the recording is unaltered while the second half has been transformed into a clear audio file.

78s cassette LP reel to reel

Please CALL 07722 050539 or e-mail mail@audioreunited.co.uk for more information.