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music transfer

    Transfer of cassette tapes to CD or MP3

Basic Pricing £18.50 per cassette  - up to 80 minutes.

If you were ever in a band then the likelihood is that you’ve got a demo tape or tapes.  The vast majority of demo recordings were done on standard audio cassette.  Recordings of your children playing piano or a grandparent's reminiscences will also normally have been recorded onto audio cassette.  Audio cassettes come in a variety of types and lengths C-30/C-60/C-90 (30/60/90 minutes respectively), standard, Chrome (CrO2) or metal.  We can also transfer both Mini & Micro cassettes from dictaphones or old answering machines.  Although normally between 15 & 30 minutes long these are quoted on an individual basis as they can be very noisy. 

Basic pricing is £18.50 per cassette up to 80 minutes in length. 

A 30 minute standard cassette is £14-00 if it's 10 minutes or less. 

A micro or mini cassette is £18-50 unless it's very short.

Includes de-hiss/track splitting/CD case/cover with text and ON-CD printing.
All tracks split as you would find on the original version.  I can also repair broken or damaged tapes and then recover most (if not all) of the audio.

78s cassette LP reel to reel

Please CALL 07722 050539 or e-mail mail@audioreunited.co.uk for more information.

cassette tapemini / micro cassette

Typical Testimonial:

Hi Jonathan.
 'I have now had the opportunity to listen to the CDs and wanted to let you know just how superb I think they are, so very clear and crisp .... they seem to have come 'alive', my son is going to be so surprised and thrilled with them. You are a real find, thanks again...'