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78s cassette LP reel to reel

Testimonials from customers:

From November 2017:

Hi Jonathan

I received my CD today taken from a 40 year old tape and it is really incredible to hear it after all this time.

The quality of the CD is superb - much better than I imagined and it has been a real pleasure to deal with you.  Good luck for future business and I definitely recommend you should someone require your services.  Very many thanks, best regards Jacky

From October 2016:

Really Great Job. Clearer than the original cassette!!

From September 2016:

Just received the CD and it’s FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you so much!

Another quote from September:

Dear Jonathan,
The CDs arrived today.
You have done a brilliant job.
My son was born in New York and we lived
there until he was 3 so it is great to hear him
with an American accent.
Thank you so much

From November 2015:

Dear Jonathan,

Amazing and extraordinary!! Thank you SO SO much! It is just wonderful to hear Marye again. Very best wishes. Lianne

From January 2015:

Hi Jonathan, Just wanted to say thank you for transferring the audio tape onto CD. You have done an excellent job and I can recognise all of the voices. I’ll be dropping the discs over to my parents later this week and I know that they are going to really enjoy listening to them again after all these years. Thanks again, 

From June 2014:

Hi Jonathan. I got my cd yesterday and I just felt the need to send you a quick thank you. I had resigned myself to playing my LP once every ten years or so whenever I could be bothered to set my turntable up. I always thought that any digital conversion would only ever be adequate and for me that wouldn't be good enough. I can't call myself a connoisseur as I haven't got the sort of money that buys that sort of system! I am however, very discerning and the cd you produced for me is more than I could have hoped for. I thank you so much for bringing back an LP to me which is now once again a part of my life. Probably sounds a bit over the top but you have made me a very happy man! And your customer service has been excellent from your first prompt reply to my original enquiry.

An LP we transferred in May 2013: Jonathan transferred a mid 1970's LP to CD for me & sound quality is amazing - it sounds like a state of the art 2013 recording & the job was done quickly & more than professionally!

Some feedback from May 2013 - Chris says it all:

Hi. I’m now back in the West Country having, thanks to you, been able to bring you two recently re-discovered fifty-year-old (and very badly recorded!) tapes of a school leavers’ concert my way up to a re-union in the Midlands, collect them within days, and thus have them available at the re-union. Not only did you respond to the urgency with huge good grace, but you overcame virtually all the technical shortcomings of our schoolboy recordings (and those attributable to the sheer age of the tapes); you edited them to perfection (and totally undetectably!) to leave out all the tedious ‘scene-changing’ silences, and then presented them in immaculately art-worked and highly flattering crystal-case boxes – and all at a very acceptable price. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much! So, be warned; as and when I may re-discover anything more of the same, you will definitely be the automatic first choice to transfer them up onto CD!

I have transferred several LPs of varying genres for Haylyn and he is a very loyal customer and this is just one of his comments:

I received it(the LP) last week, surprised that you had quickly done it. It was a brilliant transfer, just like if issued by a commercial company. I'd love to know what equipment you use, because the transfers are so professional. I have had some done by another person which were awful, which I never pursued again. I will be sending you another lp this week if it' s ok.

Throughout 2011 and into 2012 - Ken records his songs to mini disc and we convert them to CD and produce bespoke CD covers.

Hi Jonathan, just like to say a big thank you for transferring my latest minidisc and congratulate you on your expertise not only on the quality of the sound which is excellent but also on the transfer of my photographs onto the cd cover, and also on to the disc itself, quite brilliant. I would like you to put this message into your testimonial section to assure potential customers that your work is absolutely first class, i say this because i dealt with two of your competitors before i found your company and was totally let down by them, not only was their work atrocious but they were obnoxious when i contacted them, i spent close on £300.00 between them and ended up putting their discs in the dustbin, i will get my latest disc off to you when its ready, yours respectfully kenneth james darby. 

September 2011,

John had 3 studio master reels with Dolby noise reduction - Hi Jonathan, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a brilliant job you made of the three tapes – the quality (especially given the treatment they have had over the decades) is really astonishing, in fact it sounded pretty much as it did straight off the original 4-track back in the late 70’s. I’ve listened to all of it now, and it brought back memories of a time I never thought I would be able to revisit – I’m so glad now that I hung on to those old reel-to-reel tapes. You did a good thing and I’m very grateful.

Lesley had a reel to reel of family members: May 2009

Hi Jonathan, We received the CD this morning and we have just listened to it, what can I say?, you have made my husband so happy, my husband came to England to work in a hospital 45 years ago, his mother died suddenly soon after he arrived here and he never thought he would hear her voice again. I never met her, but today I feel that we have met for the first time. The quality is so good, and the tape is so clear and gets better and better as it goes on. Thank you so much Jonathan kindest regards

Lesley Graham had two rare LPs he wanted transferring to CD (June 2009):

Hi Jonathan, I don't know how you do it but the sound quality is amazing. The Pattersons sound even better than they did on vinyl. I have no hesitation in recommending your services. Many thanks.

Ann had an LP which she wanted to upload to iTunes (Nov 2007);

Dear Jonathan, We have just finished listening to 'THE TAILORS OF POZNANCE" on big speakers and we are thrilled to bits with your work. The reproduction is beyond our wildest dreams and Iain felt he was transported back to the studio where he recorded it. The quality of the recording was so good that he felt he was in the control room at the recording studio in 1967 listening to the playbacks. You have done a superb job and we are so grateful to you. There will be more work coming your way - we would not go to anyone else and we will recommend you to our friends and colleagues in the business.

Liz had a reel to reel with 2 hours of family archive material;

Hi Jonathan, I received the CDs this morning and played one before going to work, WOW they are really brilliant thanks for doing such a good job of it. That reel to reel tape is 41 years old, most of the people on it have now died so those tapes will hold special memories for some of thier families including mine, my father died 30 years ago and it was so lovely to hear his voice so clearly again it made my day. So thankyou, I would definately recommend you to anyone and when I sort out the rest of the tapes would love to get some more transferred. Regards

Liz Stuart had a particular set of recordings of 'The Messiah' on 3 x 78s and wanted them transferred to CD. This was quite a challenge as there were some nasty scratches on one of the records... 'The scratches you mentioned are hardly noticeable on the CD. I don't know what the effects are like on a CD. I'm delighted with the results. It was recorded in an era of superb singing and a great addition to my collection of Wilfred Brown's performances.'

Jenny had two cassettes of her son's perfomances when he was in his schools swing band...

' I have now had the opportunity to listen to the CD's and to let you know just how superb I think they are, so very clear and crisp .... they seem to have come 'alive', my son is going to be so surpised and thrilled with them. You are a real find, thanks again...'

Simon had a collection of 20 LPs he needed transferring to CD...

"Dear Jonathan, I have listened to some of the recordings and I must say that I am mightlily impressed and the results are better than I thought possible." 

Izabel wrote after receiving an album we transferred for her husband's birthday.. "Just wanted to let you know the LP and CD arrived safely on Saturday. Steve, my husband is absolutely thrilled with it. He even switched off the football to listen to it - that's how pleased he was. His favourite track - Alfie - used to be very 's'y - or perhaps that was just a feature of his record deck - but you've worked wonders. Thankyou so much. We'll now go through the rest of the collection - and I'll definitely recommend you."

Channelle from London who had a 78 of her grandfather singing from 1955 and needed it transferred for Christmas - we received it on the 22nd December - "Thankyou so much for the transfer my Grandfather was delighted and said it was the best present he's ever had."

Paul had several cassettes with archive material from interviews with family members, some as old as 93. The tapes had varying degrees of noise and volume levels. The resulting CDs were: "..excellent quality. Many thanks."

Keren from London wanted a rare album unavailable on CD transferred for her father's birthday. "..thanks very much I've just listened to the CD and I'm really pleased.."

Please CALL 07722 050539 or e-mail mail@audioreunited.co.uk for more information.